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3 Original ideas

3 concept designs that are´nt alien to us, but we´ve never really thought about. I found these while on http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2009/04/100-amazing-futuristic-design-concepts-w-wish-were-real/


Tima is a watch concept by Julien Bergignat that allows you to have both a digital display and a classic view of the time. Both displays can be adjusted simultaneously to show the same hour or two different time zones. Thanks to ePaper technology, characters can be displayed on the curved surface of the watch.

Nokia Aeon Concept

The Nokia Aeon Concept Design features a touchscreen that stretches over the full surface area of the phone.


Amazing LampA simple and and beautiful lamp by Julien Bergignat. The lamp can be lifted out of the stand and used as a portable lighting solution when needed.

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