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4.11.09                                  Faith, real or fake?

                                             Real or Fake?

(Please note that the opinions and views expressed on this blog and this post are not intended to offend, discrminate or molest any person) 

Short Summary on my theory on faith.
  My current theory on our faiths, beliefs, etc…is that they are all nothing as we imagine. But different. Example: Christians believe in a superior being called ‘god’ but this god is just a myth, a false belief. If there is a god or a  superior thing, it will be something we simply couldnt and cant imagine, something completely different. Im not ruling out everything that we, as humans, believe, but it is most likely that nothing (Faith wise) we know is true… But what we always imagine them to be are but different.

  There is no scientific proof that a god exists, nor is there that a god doesn´t exist. Each person decides on they´re own beliefs, but in the end, we often seem to ask the same question: Does it exist, or not? (Written by the blog´s author/ creator)


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